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ICA Commission on Spatial Data Standards



    Being Published by Elsevier Science/Pergamon   
    ISBN - 0080439497
    Harold Moellering, Editor-in-Chief
    Henri Aalders, Associate Editor
    Aaron Crane, Associate Editor
    Spring, 2005 

    The primary goal of this ICA book is to provide a set of scientific and technical characteristics by which any national or international spatial metadata standard can be assessed.  The Introduction provides an informative discussion by Prof. Henri Aalders of Delft University.  The Part II Regional Metadata Activities provides a broader context with which the reader can more easily comprehend the various national and international metadata standards activities in the various continents, as well as a perspective of the ISO TC211 Committee on Geomatics/ Geographic Information.  Parts III presents the scientific and technical characteristics themselves, while Part IV provides chapters on each of the national and international spatial metadata standards in the world, as well as a selected set of subject matter applications profiles.  Part V provides a poster- sized cross table of the 70 critical characteristics of these spatial metadata standards.

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    1. Introduction to World Spatial Metadata Standards
    An Introduction to Metadata for Geographic Information - Henri J.G.L. Aalders (NL)

    2. Regional Summaries of Spatial Metadata Developments and Associated
    Activities - Edited by Henri J.G.L. Aalders
    European Efforts in the Field of Geographic Metadata and Related SDI
    Activities - Henri Aalders (NL) François Salgé (FR), & Alexander
    Martynenko (RUS)
    North American Metadata Standards Developments in Canada and the
    United States of America - Kian Fadaie (CDN), Julie Binder Maitra (USA),
    Valerie E. Hume (CDN), Harold Moellering (USA) & Henri J.G.L. Aalders
    Metadata Standards Development Activities in the Asia- Pacific Region
    - Craig Macauley (AUS), Du Daosheng (China), Kazuhiko Akeno (Japan) &
    Tae-Jung Min (Korea)
    Metadata Standards Development Activities in Central and South
    America, and the Caribbean - Tatiana Delgado-Fernandez (CU), Dora Inéz
    Rey-Martinez (PCIDEA) & Martha Ivette Chaparro-Dominguez (CO)
    Spatial Metadata in Africa and the Middle East - Antony Cooper (SA) &
    Elizabeth J.O. Gavin (SA) Global Spatial Metadata Activities in the ISO/TC211 Geographic
    Information Domain - Olaf Østensen (ISO) & David M. Danko (USA)

    3. Scientific & Technical Characteristics for Assessing metadata standards
    for geographic datasets - Harold Moellering and Aaron Crane Eds.
    Introduction to the Scientific and Technical Characteristics for Assessing
    Metadata Standards for Geographical Datasets - Harold Moellering &
    Aaron Crane
    Scientific & Technical Characteristics of Metadata Standards for
    Geographic Datasets - Edited by Harold Moellering & Aaron Crane,
    Developed by the ICA Spatial Data Standards Commission 1995-99, Version
    7.0, Sept, 2002

    4. Scientific and Technical Assessments with Full Descriptions of the Spatial
    Metadata Standards - Edited by Aaron Crane, Charles Ruhl & Harold Moellering Introduction to the Scientific and Technical Assessments of Spatial
    Metadata Standards - Harold Moellering

    National and International Spatial Metadata Standards

    Australia/New Zealand - Craig Macauley
    Canada - Kian Fadaie & Valerie Hume
    China - Jiang Jing-tong & Liu Roumei
    Czech Republic - Petr Rapant, Bronislava Horakova & Jan Ruzicka
    Denmark - Anders Neilsen & Peter Kjeld
    Finland - Paula Ahonen
    Hungary - Istvan Kadar & Tamas Prajczer
    Israel - Ammatzia Peled
    Japan - Shoji Okuyama, Shinji Takazawa & Kazuhiko Akeno
    Korea - Tae-Jung Min & Heung-Muk Cho
    The Netherlands - Henri J.G.L. Aalders
    Russia - Alexander Martynenko
    South Africa - Nic Scheepers & Antony Cooper
    Spain - Sebastian Mas
    United States - Richard A. Pearsall & Richard Hogan
    Dublin Core - Stuart L. Weibel
    CEN/TC287 - François Salgé
    ISO/TC211/WG3/Project 19115 - ISO/DIS 19115 - David Danko

    Example National and International Subject Matter Spatial Metadata Standards and Profiles

    EuroGeographics/LeClef - Topography; Marcus Wandinger & Claude Luzet(FR)
    EUCommunity/SSSA/ES - Space Imagery; Bernd Eckhardt(D)
    EuroGeoSurveys/GEIXS - Geology; Denis Bonnefoy(FR)
    USA/NBII Profile - Biology; Susan Stitt(USA)

    5. Crosstable of National and International Spatial Metadata Standards and
    Characteristics - Harold Moellering Compiler and Editor
    Introduction to the Crosstable of Spatial Metadata Standards and
    Characteristics - Harold Moellering

    © Copyright ICA Standards Commission 2005


  2. Spatial Database Transfer Standards 2:
    Characteristics for Assessing Standards and Full Descriptions
    of the National and International Standards in the World
  3. Published by Elsevier Science/Pergamon
    ISBN - 0080424333
    Harold Moellering - Editor
    Richard Hogan - Editor
    First Edition 1997

    The primary aim of this book is to provide a new set of scientific and technical characteristics by which any national or international spatial database transfer can be assessed. The beginning of the book will have an expanded introduction by Prof. Moellering. We are also providing four informational chapters that describe such standards development activities in: N. America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, and a perspective of the activities of the newly formed ISO Committee on Geomatic standards, as well as a summary table at the end.

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    I.   Full technical introduction - Harold Moellering
    II.  Four summaries of standards development activities in the world
         - Europe - François Salgé
         - N. America - Richard Hogan & Mark Sondheim
         - Asia/Pacific - Drew Clarke
         - ISO Activities - Olav Østensen
    III. Scientific and technical presentation of the transfer characteristics - developed and written by Commission
    IV.  22 chapters describing each standard
         Ch# Country                             Standard                             Lead Author
         1.  Australia	AUS-SDTS	Drew Clarke
         2.  Austria	A 2260		Werner Kuhn
         3.  Canada		SAIF		Marc Sondheim
         4.  China		DEFS		Du Daosheng
         5.  Finland 	JHS 111-119	Antti Rainio
         6.  France		EdíGeo(Z13-150)	François Salgé
         7.  Germany 	ATKIS(EDBS)	Heinz Brüggemann
         8.  Israel		IEF91		Ammatzia Peled
         9.  Japan		SPDFDM		Akira Yaguchi
        10.  Netherlands	NEN1878(STFGI)	H.J.G.L. AAlders
        11.  Norway		SOSI		Olav Østensen
        12.  Russia		DEMTS		Alexander Martynenko
        13.  S. Africa	NES		Tony Cooper
        14.  Spain		NICCa		Sebastian Más Mayoral
        15.  Switzerland 	INTERGIS	Stephen Nebiker
        16.  U. K. 		BS7567(NTF)	Sam Sowton
        17.  U. S. A.	FIPS173(SDTS)	Richard Hogan
        18.	 CERCO		ETDB            François Salgé
        19.  CENTC287	CENTC287        François Salgé
        20.  CENTC287/7	GDF		Rob van Essen
        21.  DIGWG		DIGEST		Herman Dohmann
        22.  IHO		S57(DX-90)	Robert Sandvik
    V.   Cross tabulated table by 63 characteristics for each standard - Harold Moellering (Ed.)
  4. Technical Characteristics for Assessing Standards for the Transfer
    of Spatial Data and Brief International Descriptions
  5. Harold Moellering - Editor
    Kathy Wortman - Editor
    June, 1994

    The ICA Commission on Standards for the Transfer of Spatial Data has developed a new set of technical characteristics by which any spatial database transfer standard can be assessed for use at the national, state, provincial, regional, county or local levels. This monograph is also designed to be used in the commercial, utility and university/research sectors as well. It is designed such that it can be used to assess any spatial database transfer standard whether it be a profile of SDTS, DIGEST format, SAIF specification, or some of the simpler graphics transfer standards such as CGM, TIFF, DXF, etc. This technical characteristics assessment monograph has two main purposes: 1) to help understand a standard, and 2) to facilitate comparing of standards by a user for a specific user application. If such a work was individually commissioned, such a report would cost many thousands of dollars. However, copies of this ICA Technical Report are available on a scientific basis to the spatial data processing community on a world wide basis for for the equivalent of $25 US, plus shipping. 

    I.   Introduction - Harold Moellering
    II.  Technical Characteristics for Assessing Standards for the Transfer of Spatial Data
    III. 23 chapters describing each standard
         Ch     Country                                 Standard                         Lead Author
         1.  Australia       ASDTS          Andrew Clarke
         2.  Austria         A2260          Werner Kuhn
         3.  Canada          SAIF           Mark Sondheim
         4.  Finland         FIGDIS         Antti Rainio
         5.  France          EDIGeO         François Salgé
         6.  Germany         ATKIS(EDBS)    Heinz Brüggemann
         7.  Hungary         DFT            Pal Divenyi
         8.  Israel          IEF91          Ammatzia Peled
         9.  Japan           SPDFDM         Akira Yaguchi
        10.  Netherlands     NEN 1878       H.J.G.L Aalders
        11.  Norway          SOSI           Olav Østensen
        12.  Russia          DEMTS          Alexander Martynenko
        13.  South Africa    NES            Antony Cooper
        14.  Spain           NICCa          Sebastián Más Mayoral
        15.  Switzerland     INTERLIS       Christoph Eidenbenz
        16.  United Kingdom  NTF            T.M. Sowton
        17.  United States   SDTS           Kathy Wortman
        18.  IHO             DX-90          Eric Frey
        19.  CERCO           ETDB           François Salgé
        20.  CEN             CEN/TC 287     François Salgé
        21.  DGIWG           DIGEST         Richard Ley
        22.  Drive Project   GDF            François Salgé      

  6. Spatial Database Transfer Standards: Current International Status
  7. Published by Elsevier Applied Science
    ISBN - 1-85166-677-X
    Harold Moellering - Editor

    The goal of this book is to explore the status of development of the various spatial data transfer standards throughout the world.  This is accomplished by reviewing spatial data standard activities in the various countries throughout the world.
    Out Of Print

    I.   Introduction: Approaches to Spatial Database Transfer Standards - Harold Moellering
    II.  18 chapters describing standards
         Ch     Country                                 Lead Author
         1.  Australia       Andrew Clarke
         2.  Austria         Wolfgang Kainz
         3.  Canada          Timothy Evangelatos
         4.  China           Du Daosheng
         5.  Finland         Antti Rainio
         6.  France          François Salgé
         7.  Germany         Heinz Brüggemann
         8.  Hungary         Pál Divényi
         9.  Japan           Minoru Akuyama
        10.  New Zealand     Patrick Van Berkel
        11.  Norway          Olaf M. Østensen
        12.  South Africa    Antony Cooper
        13.  Sweden          Clas-Göran Persson
        14.  Switzerland     Christoph Eidenbenz
        15.  United Kingdom  M. Sowton
        16.  United States   Hedy Rossmeissl
        17.  CERCO           T.M. Sowton
        18.  DGIWG           Ian Smith

    International Cartographic Association (ICA)